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Thank you for considering Reaktion DJ Promotions for your release. Below is a collection of the most asked questions we receive about our operation. From campaign timelines, to payment security and service authenticity – this document will help to clear your mind and assist to determine if we are right for you and your release. If your question is not covered here, be sure to ask and we’ll make sure to add it!

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What is Reaktion?
Reaktion is a DJ promotion service for producers and record labels that need a helping hand in promoting their music to thousands of DJs to collect feedback, ratings and support.

Do I need to supply my own contacts/DJ list?
No. We have a massive subscribed database of DJs that receive our promo MP3s in media rich e-mails through a system that enables our DJs to preview, comment, rate and download promos.

How do I order my promotion?
Firstly you will need to decide on a package to order. Once you have that decided make your way to our order page below where we will ask for all of your release details along with information regarding the payment.

Do I get a report?
You will be given a link to watch your promotion grow live. You will be able to access the platform and watch DJ feedbacks come in any time you wish.

What genres are accepted?
House, EDM, Techno, Deep House, Tech-House, Progressive House, Electro House, Minimal, Trance, Electronica and Indie Dance.

How many DJs will receive my release?
We currently have 30,000 subscribed DJs. Each DJ selects which genres they receive, so only relevant releases will be received by our DJs. Our most popular genres are the various sub genres of House & EDM.

Which DJs do you send to?
We promote to all DJs for improved support for our clients. We include:

– DJ Mag or Resident Advisor Top 100s

– International DJs/AAA

– International Radios

– Festival & Touring Club DJs

– FM Radio DJs In Every Continent

– Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/iTunes Shows

– Influential Podcasts

– Ibiza Residents

– Electronic Music Legends

– Tastemaker DJs

– Internet Radios

– Tastemaker Radios

– Buzz Charts (Music Week Cool Cuts, DMC, Billboard)

– Regularly touring DJs

& More

What is your average response rate for an Ultimate Reaktion promo?
A solid release can expect 100-200 DJ feedbacks. 200 and above would be considered above average. We’re so confident in our service that is we do not hit 100 DJ feedbacks within 8 weeks of promotion, we’ll extend your promotion a further 2 or 4 weeks until we do. If by some miracle we still can’t hit 100 feedbacks, we will refund you IN FULL, no questions asked.

Who have you promoted releases for?
Some of our favourite jobs include Armada Music – Todd Terry – Hardwell – Henry Fong – Jason Rivas – 99 Souls – Spinnin Records – Virgin Music – D.O.N.S. – Roger Sanchez – Ronn Carroll – Sirup Music – Dirty Dutch – Mesmeric Records – The New Division – Vanilla Ace – The Saunderson Brothers – Kaisen Records – Magik Muzik/Black Hole – Peak Hour Music – Karol XVII & MB Valence. We have serviced over 500 promos and you can see a comprehensive list of those here:

How long does a promotion last?
An Ultimate Reaktion runs for 8 weeks, Pro Reaktion for 6 weeks and Standard Reaktion for 2 weeks.

Who should order this service?
Our services are regularly ordered by artists, labels, managers, promoters, PR agencies and more.

I’m a producer/artist, shouldn’t the record label be doing this?
Unless you’re signed to the likes of Sony/Virgin (who we’ve also promoted releases with) the fact is that promotion should be done by everyone involved including the artists. If you’re an artist that just lets the record label take care of everything, chances are that your releases are not getting enough attention in the promotion department and unless you’re a superstar, you’ll likely not be welcomed back to the label again. Check for legal peace of mind for sure, but 99/100 times we’re all good to go here.

Is my payment safe and secure?
By preferring payments via Paypal – we’re able to give customers control of their payment. Paypal’s chargeback system protects buyers from scams and other untrustworthy services. We appreciate the nature of this business and that not every service on the market is honest, so we’ve made it easy to buyers to claim refunds for safety and confidence. You can read more about Paypal’s chargeback system below, but in short, if you’re not happy or feel let down, you can trigger a refund yourself.

More on chargebacks

Can up and coming artists get good results?
We have serviced artists and labels on all levels and find that we have a powerful system that can give up and coming artists a much-needed boost. By having a long list of DJs that have supported your release moving forward can help to impress bigger and better prospects for labels, artists and press.

Do you deliver promos to radios?
We have a large contact database of subscribers that services radio DJs, podcasts and playlists around the world.

Do we need a press release?
No. We can write your release text for you with minimal details.

What Is Your Refund Procedure?

Reaktion WILL provide a refund in the following circumstances:

Your promo has less than 80 DJ comments after 8 weeks of promotion and has been extended 2 then 4 weeks with no resolution

Your request for info via e-mails are not responded to within a week of sending (pending 1 reminder)

Any other site terms are broken

Reaktion will NOT provide a refund in the following circumstances:

You receive some negative comments and do not like the feedback given to you by tastemaker DJs

You did not receive support/comments from particular DJs

Can I receive your promos?
Maybe. We have a strict selection process for DJs and do not accept public applications. If you are an influential, regularly touring DJ with a following – we may be able to accept you for Reaktion promos.

Can I promote an older release?
Yes. We accept older releases and unreleased promos alike. Same applies for remixes/bootlegs.

Can I see a sample report?
Of course – please see a link just like the one you would receive for your promotion. Make note of the over 600 DJs that have responded, not bad right?

Can I promote an EP?
We accept releases with up four single MP3s or remixes. For large packages contact with details for a quote.

Can I order a batch?
We offer discounts for batch orders or monthly plans. Contact for more details.

Thanks for reading our FAQS, we hope you have all of the information you need and we look forward to hearing from you.

What are Reaktion’s contact details? 


Phone: +44 7401572628