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Now 100% HTML – Mobile Friendly & Fully Developed


It’s a new decade which brings news of a new platform for Reaktion. Next month we finally get our hands on the massive upgrade that has been in development for well over a year now. We have listened to user feedback and got creative to assist developers of the platform and can now, after much anticipation announce the V2 platform of our promo suite. With these ideas and improvements realised, our platform is not only now in line with the very best available, but also includes features and tools that are unique and new to our service. This of course also means mobile compatibility!



The #01 issue with the old generation platform was the Flash platform. It had become a little dated and was overtaken by other platforms, but that is now a thing of the past as we transition into a fully HTML portal that is mobile friendly and powerful way beyond the old generation platform. Every section of the new platform is shiny, new and looking ready for 2020 to show off your new promos in the very best setting. 


We’ve always staggered campaigns to maximise effectiveness but the new platform takes this to a whole new level. From behind the scene we will now be able to schedule complex delivery patterns to maximise interactions at a progressive timeline to suit your promotions. From delivering an A-list only promotion, right through to geographic time zone targeting to level up engagement, we’ll be putting together modernized and bespoke campaigns that take advantage of numerous new tools. 


We’ve been building our databases for a long time, but we’ve taken the opportunity to fully refresh for 2020 and V2. We will be starting the massive undertaking of reconnecting with the world’s global tastemakers to ensure that we have the most up to date and relevant network in the business. You can be sure that moving forward, our promotions will reach a fresher and more direct pool than ever before. 


We will now also be able to offer full quality WAV audio delivery along with MP3 options to align with the industry standard protocols for music promotion. With some of the best DJs in the world only accepting WAV, we’re now able to conform to these standards moving forward. 


A better and more varied selection of sub-genres will enable all promos to get much closer to the target market. 


You guys asked for more concise data and we will duly deliver this to V2. Vastly improved data and reporting will enable you to better judge the impact of your promotions. 

10 Years In The Making & Now Serving Over 30,000 Tastemaker DJs

Reaktion is a highly-effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions and radio plugging. With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success. Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over time to maximise impact and attention from the world’s most influential DJs.


“Full scale campaigns organised with military precision in the run up to release”

To establish your release on a serious international level, you need to be in the playlists of DJs. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what level you operate at – the electronic music world judges success based on who is supporting your music. Any DJ will already know the simple fact that the majority of electronic music sales come from track lists, so if you’re not getting your release played – it is 100% missing out on the attention it deserves. Reaktion promos make this happen. Whether it’s a strictly AAA promo to the world’s leading DJs or a full scale campaigns organised with military precision in the run up to release – your music will get a Reaktion when we’re on your side.



DJMag Top 100

We’ve got a massively influential contacts book of world-crushing DJs that have scaled the very top of the industry. Our DJs come to Reaktion to ensure they always have the freshest cuts before release date in their bags. Our relationship with some of the world’s top DJs in genres such as Underground House & Techno – through through to Progressive House & EDM ensures that we’re able to call upon the support of the world’s biggest spinners.

Worlds Top DJs


Reaktion DJ Promotions is a full service promotional service that does everything required to ensure that your releases are well represented by the world’s leading tastemaker DJs. Unlike many services which are happy to allow you a platform to build your own contacts or host your media player – we go a step further by already having access to over 15,000 DJs including thousands of the biggest names in the business from the DJ Mag/Resident Advisor top 100s as well as thousands of key DJs and residents playing clubs like Space Ibiza, Green Valley, Amnesia, Pacha, Hakkasan, Zouk, Ushuaia, Sirena, BCM, Papaya, DC10, Echostage, Paradise Club, Fabric, Bergain, Bootshaus, Anzu, Motion, Noa, Warung, Cavo Paradiso, Ministry of Sound, Guaba Beach Club, Cocorico, Sankeys, Baum, Air, Digital, Omnia, Exchange LA, Arma 17, Marquee, Elrow, Matahari, Barbarellas, El Fortin, Yalta, Avalon, Icon, Guendalina, Aquarius. New City Gas, Fabrik, Ouput, White Club, Surrender/Encore, Versuz, Privilege, Cacao Beach, Egg LDN, Womb, D-Edge, Lost Beach Club, Lux, Sub Club, Myst, The Palace, Elements, Duel:Beat, Rex, Watergate, Mint and many, many more.

Club Residents


We went all around the world, one country at a time and reached out to every influential show and DJ we could find on everything from leading FM broadcasters, through to local and specialist radios. This adventure (although painstaking) rewarded us with a truly worldwide group of friends that are musical influencers on every level. From the multi-million reaching FMs in Australia right down to the gritty pirate radios of London – we’ve sailed the 7 seas and established a world-beating network of tastemakers to reach.


Whether it’s a Bass cut for B.Traits on Radio 1 or something specialist for one of the many influential residents across BBC Radio – we’ve got a massive network of regulars on a variety of stations from the UK’s biggest radio network. With supports over the last year attributed to promotions on Reaktion on the likes of prime time Radio 1 and 1xtra – we’re capable of opening the door to some of the biggest radio supports on the planet.

Underground Specialists

It’s no secret that some of the most desirable supporters of new electronic music releases are some of the most elusive to contact. Reaktion works hard to navigate the mazes and obstacles to gain trust as a credible provider of quality new music for some of the most selective DJs in the business.

Worlds Biggest Festival DJs

The jackpot of the live audience world when it comes to electronic music is having a summer hit with the world’s biggest DJs that are on the festival circuit. Every weekend throughout the summer, hundreds of thousands of revellers pile into fields and stadiums to hear the best new music in the world. If you’re releases are cutting edge – we can help to produce audience figures via tastemaker DJs that can run into the millions. Reaktion maintains strong relationships with festival tourers and is constantly adding to our network when we scope out new DJs that are breaking through on the global festival scene.



Mixcloud has become one of the leaders of the modern podcast era on the back of Soundcloud’s strict copyright polices and dance music consumers not taking to iTunes as well as other genres. We scope out the influential shows and DJs and make sure that if you they play your kind of style – they’ve got your upcoming record in the bag for consideration.


If your release is going to be out around WMC time – it’s going to need to be getting support at the conference right? The biggest tracks of the year are made and played for the Miami crowds and we’ve scouted out the entire state Florida to make sure that we’re one of the most reliable promoters of new music to the DJs that make the event the biggest of its kind. When we heard promos that we’re working on getting blasted out to tens of thousands of fans at the biggest stages at Ultra – we knew that what we do, WORKS.
Nowadays, if it’s not getting hammered at ADE – it’s probably not going to be a hit. The yearly hook up in Amsterdam has become Europe’s answer to Miami’s WMC and with literally thousands of tastemaker DJs descending on the city to perform to tens of thousands of loyal fans – you’d be mad to not make sure that those lucky enough to be playing at events for the conference have your new record in their backpack. Luckily you’ve got Reaktion to take care of such endeavours. We scout out listings for DJs that will be performing at everything from the biggest shows to smaller label showcases and independent events.

As you can see, we’ve really put a lot of energy into ensuring that Reaktion has all bases covered for DJ promo. For more info please do get in touch, we love to talk about music and are always happy to talk more about what we do.