DJ Promo Packages

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We service to a targeted selection of tens of thousands of hand-picked DJs in electronic music all subscribed to receive our genre targeted promos including:

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs
International DJs/AAA
International Radio Playlist Programmers
Festival & Touring Club DJs
FM Radio DJs In Every Continent
Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/iTunes Shows
1001Tracklist Shows
Popular Social Media Live Stream DJs
Record Label A&Rs
Influential Podcasts
Ibiza Residents
Tastemaker DJs
Internet Radios
Buzz Charts (Music Week Cool Cuts, DMC, Billboard)
Regularly Touring DJs
& More

We have three options available for Tastemaker DJ Campaigns as follows:


Take your promotion up to the next level by having a dedicated promo e-mail distributed to our tastemaker DJs focused solely on your release. Reach a high number of DJs and attract attention from the bigger names and harder to reach tastemaker DJs.

Promo Time: 2 Weeks

Promo Mails: 1

Live Tracking: Optional

Final Report: Yes

Who Is This Option For?

If you want to make sure that your release is received by the full range of DJs available on Reaktion – this is the package for you.

This package will be distributed on the industry-leading Promoly platform.


Reach the maximum potential of Reaktion by receiving a campaign that not only adds you to the promo platform and distributes your own custom promo e-mail – but also includes bi-weekly feedback reminders over the duration of the campaign. This is the tried and tested most powerful way to service your music to tastemaker DJs using Reaktion.

Promo Time: 4 Weeks

Promo Mails: 1 + Feedback Reminder System

Live Tracking: Optional

Final Report: Yes

Who Is This Option For?

Users who have an important release or want the best available service on Reaktion. The feedback reminder that follows the original distribution of the promo makes for a powerful addition that results in substantially higher engagement for every promo.

This package will be distributed on the industry-leading Promoly platform. The platforms’s built in Feedback Reminder System resends promotion mails to those that did not engage with the original send out. These extra boosts result in a larger and more expansive promotion that will result in a thicker report that is richer with support and engagement.



To order your Reation DJ Promo package, just head over to the ‘Order Your Promo Now’ page on the menu at the top of the page. 

If you’d like to study our services in more detail, please head to the ‘Pick Your Package’ page for a fuller description of all of our offerings here at Reaktion.

All Reaktion DJ Promo campaigns are now powered by the industry-leading Promoly platform to ensure high deliverability and a quality user UI that will result in better performance for your Reaktion promotions.