Reaktion DJ Promo prides itself on strong communication, reliable service and most importantly – results. Our far-reaching campaigns have been felt by artists and labels with everyone from major league global players, right through to startups with quality music that just needed to be heard.

We understand that the music industry can be a tough and uncertain landscape, filled with empty promises and failed expectations. We’re all too familiar with the fact that we work in a sector that is poisoned by ‘services’ that offer the world and deliver nothing, outside of meaningless bot plays and fire emoji comments from dud accounts on social media and DSPs. We know that the area that we work in means that we have to earn trust as so many have been burnt by previous ventures with music promotion and we do absolutely everything that we can to show that there are legitimate music marketers out here and that Reaktion is right up there with the best of them.

Given this fact, we feel that collecting testimonials is a worthwhile endeavour. Our membership with AFEM hopefully puts your mind at ease that we’re one of the good guys.

At Reaktion DJ Promo, we strive to provide excellent communication, reliable service, and most importantly, tangible results for our clients. We take pride in our ability to help a wide range of artists and labels, from major global players to up-and-coming startups, get their quality music heard. We’re grateful to have received positive feedback from many satisfied clients, and we’re excited to share just a few of their testimonials with you below.


Simon Fraser – Play Records
“For indie record labels, Reaktion is as good a promo service as you will find in today’s market. They are keen targets with a long list of contacts. And the comprehensive feedback and data they provide once a campaign ends assures me that every stream they generated was from a legitimate listeners.”
Play Records Online
Sean Finn
I love working with Reaktion they’ve got a good sorted DJ pool and target the right DJs for a fair price. I will do all my promotions in the future with you guys!



Cheat Codes

David Conway – Working Group Management (Cheat Codes)
“The team at Reaktion have always been an absolute pleasure. They always treat my clients’ releases with the utmost care and we’ve seen terrific results from them on all of our campaigns. Reaktion runs well thought out, organized campaigns with a huge reach to help get our music out there. In an extremely competitive industry, it’s always comforting to know we have talented people getting our records heard. I look forward to a long relationship with Reaktion for the entire Working Group Management roster”

Cheat Codes Online: https://www.facebook.com/cheatcodesmusic

Jose Zaragoza
“I can say that I really enjoy working with the team at Reaktion. They are very helpful, and they have great communication! I can’t thank them enough for helping our music reach artists and DJs around the world. Fantastic service!!!”

Jose Zaragoza Online: https://www.facebook.com/djjosezaragozaofficia



Inusa Dawuda
“Thanks to Reaktion Team for the awesome service. An outstanding experience.”

Inusa Dawuda Online: https://www.facebook.com/InusaDawuda.OfficialFanFace

Everyone loves a testimonial, so we do keep ours to share. Below are further examples of quality projects that Reaktion has helped.

Curtis Wolfe
“I am very happy an impressed with the services you have, I can’t believe that I have 15 pages on 1 song! I’m definitely going to use you again!”

John Amy
“The guys at Reaktion were really helpful from the start and have had good communication throughout. The Reaktion promo provided an efficient way to get my music in front of DJs and taste-makers and I’m really happy with the final result. Will be using them again.”

Erick T. (+Más Label / UDTW – México)
“It’s my first time working with a promo service like this. Reaktion is a great platform to share music with big and right names. It’s more efficient, better and easy with amazing results. An outstanding experience.”

Ian Cahill
“The service Reaktion provided was amazing. Thank you!”

Dark Arps
“Reaktion provided a solid and comprehensive promo service for my “Can’t Complain EP” release, exposing my music to a much wider audience than I would have been able to manage by myself, while at the same time keeping costs quite reasonable. A necessary tool in the over-saturated world of electronic music…. I’ll be using them again.”

Sven Biereige (Kamarad Meyer Musik / Germany)
“I see Reaktion as a great opportunity to present the music of the artists on my label not only in the UK but also to many radio stations and DJs in the clubs.”

POD/Priority One Digital
“As a fairly young label, We at Priority One Digital or POD are always looking for the best ways to get our artists’ work into the right hands of today’s best DJs. We were approached by Reaktion in a professional and positive manor and decided to try out one of there very reasonably priced promo packs with upcoming producer/song writer Sheen and our expectations were exceeded. Prompt reports with critique both positive and constructive, very happy with all aspects of Reaktion and their communication with us at every turn. Highly recommend!!!”

David Zimmerman 
“The Reaktion team is very professional and organized. The service they provide adds amazing value as your music will be heard by influential DJs and radio stations. I will continue to work with the Reaktion team for all of my future releases.”

Ian Celpod01
“Very impressed with the service! A lot more feedback than other services we’ve used. As a small underground label we are sometimes overlooked/dismissed on certain platforms but with Reaktion it seems much more of a level field.”

Jaimy Jay
“Thanks for all again. I’m very satisfied by the finals results.”

Tony (Chemiztri Recordings)
“We have benefitted hugely from using Reaktion promo both at club and radio levels. All the right DJs are targeted.”

We can talk about our services all day, but we know that it’s nice to be reassured by the words of those that have walked the path with us already. To hear more about what Reaktion can do for you and your projects, get in touch today at info@reaktion.net