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“Reliable, high quality and service focussed DJ promos for serious electronic music projects” 

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Reaktion is a highly-effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions and radio plugging. With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success. Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over time to maximise impact and attention from the world’s most influential DJs.


“Full scale campaigns organised with military precision in the run up to release and in the afterglow”

To establish your release on a serious international level, you need to be in the playlists of DJs. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what level you operate at – the electronic music world judges success based on who is supporting your music. Any DJ will already know the simple fact that the majority of electronic music sales come from track lists, so if you’re not getting your release played – it is 100% missing out on the attention it deserves. Reaktion promos make this happen. Whether it’s a strictly AAA promo to the world’s leading DJs or a full scale campaigns organised with military precision in the run up to release – your music will get a Reaktion when we’re on your side.


Reaktion works to suit your needs as an artist or label. We’ve got a comprehensive network of relationships with leading DJs from across the globe and know what they play. By targeting the right people, with the right music, at the right time – your release will be received by the DJs you want. We’re constantly growing and we encourage all customers to suggest DJs they wish to target so we can continue to grow our network. Simply put we are all about you.


“Fully detailed reviews of exactly what’s happening to your release”

Reaktion Reports are fully detailed reviews of exactly what’s happening to your release. It’s important that you are able to monitor your progress and with the reports and insights provided, you’ll have all the information you’ll ever need on who’s playing your music and where. Our neat design formats make for an easy to digest summary of just how well your release is being received. Our reports are perfect for submitting to Beatport on pre-release for feature consideration which can become a reality when you make it clear that you’re taking your release seriously. Where some other similar services leave you wondering what exactly has been done – you’ll never be left in the dark when you’re in the midst of a Reaktion.

If our message resonates with you – please do get in touch. We love to talk electronic music in any way, so if you’re interested in talking about what can be done for your next release – we’re sure that you’ll get the Reaktion that you deserve.


A closer look at a selection of our promotion projects with some of our favourite artists.

Covina & Mateo – Part of You (Manufactured Music)

Todd Terry & Roland Clark – Dance Floor (InHouse Records)

Key Reaktions: Cristian Varela, Dennis Cruz, B.Traits (BBC Radio 1), Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Tube & Berger, Crookers, Don Diablo + many more.

BBC Radio 1 Play Confirmed*

1WayTKT & Cossy feat. Mark Borino – Don’t Run From My Love (Armada Music)

Key Reaktions: tyDi, Judge Jules, Andi Durrant, EDX, Bobby Burns, Giuseppe Ottaviani + many more

Karol XVII & MB Valence – 651 (Loco Records)

Key Reaktions: Fedde Le Grand, Claude VonStroke, Wehbba, Maarten De Jong, Chicane + many more

Luke Chable Feat. The New Division – Opium [Mesmeric]

Key Reaktions: Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Dosem, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, Kyau & Albert + many more.

Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated (99 Souls Remix)

Key Reaktions: Erick Morillo, Markus Schulz, Annie Mac, Robert Babicz + many more


You work day and night in the studio on your music and treat it like your baby. You spend weeks and months ensuring it is the best possible reflection of you as a producer and there is no room for error.

You spend hours upon hours pursuing labels to make sure that your project is represented on the best possible platform.

You juggle designers for the artwork, mastering, distribution, remixes and hire a photographer to get you looking good in a press shoot.

The release is confirmed – you have a release date and now it’s time to get a Reaktion. If you’ve ever felt like a release could have been so much more if it was heard by the right DJs – you’re right. It’s not a secret that having the right people supporting a release is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your arsenal and Reaktion are all about making that happen. We represent the music, the artists, the labels and the people that live and breathe electronic music to ensure that the DJs that matter, know about your music.


We are here to make sure that you do not fall into that bottomless pit of music that goes unnoticed.
We are here to present your music to our network of key tastemaker DJs.
We are here to ensure that radios are playing your music before it is released.
We are here to provide you with Reaktion Support Reports to impress.
We are here to collect feedback and comments from the world’s leading DJs.
We are here to help you get those Beatport banner features confirmed.
We are here to ensure your release is being played in clubs and shows around the planet.
We are here to provide you with a service that shines.
We are here to push your music onto track lists and buzz charts to maximise the hype.


Reaktion Promotions are genre focussed. We have specialists in a wide range of genres, sub-genres and micro-genres to ensure that every release we service is delivered to those that are going to love it. If your release is specialist – we’ve got a professional in just about every area who can talk with you about your music and where best to focus it.  Whether it’s Deep House, EDM, Indie-Dance, Disco, Trance or something more specialist – you’ll be impressed when you discuss targets and plans with our team. We know who’s playing what you’re making and keep a constant eye on change.

Don’t let your release fade away into nothingness. Get your music heard and supported by the people that you need to impress to ensure success. If your contact book needs some work or you just want the luxury of knowing that a professional DJ & tastemaker promo is hard at work on your release – our door is open and we can’t wait to hear what you have for us.

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