Reaktion DJ Promo


Why We Use Promoly As Our Platform Of Choice

Reaktion has been in operation for nearly a decade, servicing the best new electronic music to tastemaker DJs on behalf of some of the most reputable labels, artists and management agencies in the music industry.

Over those years we have sampled and endeavored to find the right platform to get the very best out of your promotions with Reaktion.

As we are the largest electronic music only DJ pool in the world, our operation is demanding for even the best promo distribution platforms. After spending years of moving around and trying every system we could lay our hands on, we have settled on the Promoly platform which has proven itself to be the most exciting and reliable platform for our users.

Many Reaktion users will remember a long spell with VIP Ultima, an outdated system that is now defunct. This period is one of regret as the platform failed to live up to our high expectations for promotions. No longer is this a concern in the good hands of Promoly.

We’ve tested them all, judged their quality, delivery rates, price to performance ratio and popularity with key DJs and believe that within the Promoly ecosphere – Reaktion users are now in the very best hands.

Below are some further details about Promoly, their vision, concept, platform and more. All credit below is directly from

Promoly helps record labels deliver better promos to their mailing lists