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If you’re not already familiar with Reaktion and our work – we specialise in DJ campaigns to tastemakers, but can also provide extensive services to cover everything from your online streaming, media reach, radio and plenty more. We’ve recently upgraded our promotion suite to what we now believe to be the most powerful setup of its kind in the electronic music world. We’re pushing out a new setup to cover responsible record labels entirely that want to deliver real tangible results to their signings and make sure that they rank as one of the better labels in the busy world of electronic dance music.

In summary, we’re offering a monthly subscriptions that is specifically designed to label bosses and management agencies that want to deliver real growth and success to their artists and releases. We have focused in on a problem that is all too common in electronic music in that there are far too many labels out there that just cannot or do not promote releases properly. At Reaktion we feel that the majority of labels aspire to deliver this service to their signings, but the fact is that we’ve spent nearly a decade developing our resources and it is unrealistic to expect up and coming labels to be able to allocate the resources to tastemaker DJ promotions that we have. Over the last ten years we have travelled the world in every continent developing personal contacts with important contacts that are touring DJs, club residents, radio show DJs, radio programmers, podcasters, influential streamers, media contacts, audio contributors and much more. We’ve tracked down Ibiza residents, Berlin residents, national radio stars, festival headliners and everything up to verified 1001Tracklists shows, charting Mixcloud DJs and even local bars and clubs internationally. This huge network has been imported into a modern and slick platform that is currently running tastemaker DJ promotions for some of the biggest labels and artists in multiple sub-genres of dance music.

Our offer is a simple subscription package at £199 per month and for that price your label will be given an account with Reaktion which covers your label’s DJ promo needs entirely

We will manage and handle:

– DJ Promo Campaigns
– Press Release Send Out
– Social Media Promo

For all of your releases, making our Record Label Subscription a powerful and total package for up and coming labels.

Interested? Then e-mail for screening and we’ll see if your label fits in with what we do here.

That’s the basics, but if you prefer a longer read about why Reaktion sits at the top of the hill for DJ promo, then we have a fuller article below.


Running a label is a busy undertaking, but if you put the effort and energy into setting up your own project, designing branding, signing talent, managing distribution, handling A&R and signing talent, dealing with contracts, managing social media and everything else that comes with running a label – if you’re not reaching a global network of DJs – are you missing out on the real potential and growth that comes with being an independent label? We have helped to transform dozens of labels from being just another DIY label lost in a sea of releases into being a serious player in their genre. The best Producers sign their best releases to labels that they can trust to do a good promo job and having Reaktion in your corner for releases will put your label at the top of the pile when it comes to getting relevant DJ attention.


When you sign a Producer’s track, you have a responsibility as their label to deliver a quality service that is reliable and effective. The job of a label is and has always been to ensure that releases get noticed, heard, streamed and bought, but too many labels have got stuck into a toxic routine of not doing enough to deliver success to their artists. We are here to put an end to releases getting lost in the abyss and when you sign your label with Reaktion, your reach becomes a truly global powerhouse that can ensure that releases have the very best chance of success.


As we’re sure that you already know, getting hold of top level tastemakers is a bit like trying to fight fire with your fists. The more desirable DJs rarely publicly share the inbox addresses that they monitor new music from and actually often the ones that do have secret e-mail IDs that they keep non-public for contacts that they know and trust. Because we have a platform that DJs know and trust, we’re usually inside these inner circles as DJs knows that we’re a reliable source of the best new music in the business.

When you’re growing a label it’s tough to get a foot in the door with some hard to reach DJs, but Reaktion has you covered.


Reaktion’s DJ database is a truly global setup that is operating in over 200 countries around the world. We’ve undergone a multi-lingual decade long operation to make long-lasting contacts in foreign territories where an English speaking label would just never think or know how to reach. We’ve linked up with club residents in China, touring DJs in Italy, radios in Argentina, festival DJs in India, influential show hosts in Eastern Europe and solid DJ contacts around the planet in every territory that we could find. There are DJs that you’ve never heard of with less than 1000 Facebook fans that are residents on FM radio stations in emerging territories with audiences of hundreds of thousands – these are valuable contacts that 99.9% of promoters would just not locate – but we do. We’ve invested tens of thousands of hours into this huge campaign and we are not done yet. Every single week we’re listening to international radios picking up new contacts, monitoring the charts for new names coming through that could be influential and keeping a close eye on festival lineups for DJs that we don’t already know. There is not a label in the world that puts this level of energy into their DJ network efforts and thankfully there is no need to as we can do it for you.

Through ongoing release by release promotion of your label through Reaktion’s platform we can work alongside you, your artists and your music to become a regular fixture in the inboxes of the world’s DJs. It takes more than one release and one promo to become a label that professional DJs know and trust as a brand, but that’s exactly why we work on an ongoing basis. Through persistent and regular release promotions, we build labels into juggernauts that command respect from the upper echelons of the industry.


The number one reason for a label to partner with Reaktion is and should be that you’re invested in the success of the artists that you sign. When you sign a Producer to a contract of any length, you absolutely should be feeling pressure to deliver results to their releases. There is zero worth in being a label that just churns out releases that miss the mark and fail their talent. Your Producers invest thousands of hours and massive chunks of money into their studios and projects to get their best releases together and it’s a damn shame when a label just rolls out release after release without putting their blood, sweat and tears into those signings.

It’s hard to break through and really make releases work, but that job can be made easier by having a dedicated promotional option for DJ promotion. Your reputation as a label is on the line every time that a contract is signed, but if releases just fall into nothingness, you can be sure that when a potential hit record comes along from a Producer you’ve worked with, they are not going to be signing that record to a label that has failed them in the past. Investing in your artists as a label is investing in yourself as you are nothing without your reputation, so let us help you make that a good one.


To better explain why a record label using Reaktion is in a much better position to thrive than 99% of those that go at this kind of thing alone, let’s compare three options of popular cases of labels that we see every day.

Label A promotes their releases to a network of 50-100 top DJs in their genre. Generally they don’t get any response to promos they send because the DJs do not know who they are.

Label B follows the same method but has a bit more success as they have some better contacts in the industry. They get some support from big name DJs and are happy with that.

Label C uses Reaktion.

Here’s why Label C wins every time:


They’re easy to find, but hard to truly get in contact with personally. Label A found an e-mail address on the top DJ’s social media or website, but they don’t get much support because a lot of these DJs have a separate/private account for trusted sources. Label B might have some of these contacts, but has massively underestimated the size of the job that they tried to undertake. They have a good contact list, but they know for sure that there’s a lot more they could be doing. Label C does not worry about such things because Reaktion has spent ten years building relationships with Top Level DJs and has one of the biggest networks of this kind in the world. Every release that they put out through Reaktion gets consideration from a much higher pool of the best DJs in the world. Label C ultimately reaches vastly more influential names and as such wins the battle of the Top Level DJs.


How well do you know the world outside of your domain? Label A and those like them usually have little in the way of contacts with radio residents. They focused on the charts and DJ Mag Top 100 for their contacts and ended up with a bunch of e-mail addresses that get blasted every day with hundreds of promos. Label B usually has contacts with radios but 9 times out of 10 they only went as far as to focus on radios in the country that they work in. They missed out on a golden opportunity to extend that research and relationship building into a global project. They may have had the idea, but most labels don’t have access to the 10,000 hours and more required to truly cover the planet. Label C uses Reaktion as we know and their promos are distributed to a global network of radio DJs in markets they’ve never even considered. Their releases not only get considered by the biggest radios in the world, but they also reach territories that speak languages that they do not understand. Their are hundreds of untapped markets in countries that are mostly not covered by traditional promotion and because the competition for support is a whole lot less hectic, they are enjoying truly global support on their releases which results in hundreds of thousands of ears on their releases through radio play. Do you know how many radio stations there are in the world that will play electronic music? We’ve gone from the top down from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and other key global brands, right through to geo-targeted FM radios, satellite radios, internet radios, local radios and more. It’s an absolutely huge number and we’ve been tracking these down for a decade.


If you’ve ever looked at a lineup for a major international festival/conference like Tomorrowland, ADE, Miami Music Week, Coachella, the Ibiza summer season or anywhere else in the same domain – you’ll have seen the huge stacked lineups of hundreds of DJs and so did we, except we went a step further and monitored all of the major festivals’ and conferences’ lineups and went out there with the team to strike up as many contacts as possible both through setting up meetings, face to face approaches and more as well as online reach out and contact tracing to build up and maintain a comprehensive network that is both massive and constantly evolving. If you’re anything like Label C that we keep referring too in our thought experiment, you’ll see the massive untapped resource in what we’re doing here. It’s just unfeasible to undertake this level of outreach as a label, but you don’t need to even think about this kind of effort if your label is covered by Reaktion.


Here’s a thought experiment for you. If you live in or near a town or city, imagine walking down every central street that has a nightclub, bar or music venue of all shapes and sizes. Depending on where you live that might be 20, 50 or 100 maybe more venues. Now imagine how many DJs are regulars in these venues and add them up. Now take that number and do the same thing in every town and city in the country you live in. Now take that number and add it to every country in your continent. Now take your continent and add that to every one on earth – you can see where we’re going. There is an extraordinary amount of music venues that host DJs and we have made it the core effort of our project to establish connections with as many of these DJs as possible to develop a network that is capable of starting from the underground and up on a truly global scale. We’re at a point now where we are capable of reaching more ears through just the lower level DJs and their support than you’d get from airplay on the biggest radio in the world. That’s not to say that we don’t focus on those too – but we’ve built a network that is capable of garnering huge attention not just from famous DJs, but also from those that are less obvious, but equally as influential when combined. 100 DJs that have an audience of 1,000 each reaches the same audience as 1 DJ with 100,000 listening – we don’t ignore that important statistic. Labels A are never ever reaching the localised efforts we do, meaning that once again – Label C wins the race.


If you have a look behind the curtain on a platform like Mixcloud, there are stacks and stacks of great shows coming from all around the world. The pool of talented DJs and great shows goes far and beyond the trending charts and so do we in our efforts to create the world’s leading DJ database. Specialists in sub genres from Tech House to Psy Trance and Electronica are putting out amazing weekly shows and they’re always hungry for the best new releases for support. 1001Tracklists has become one of the central platforms for radio shows in dance music and they also make life for us a bit easier by having a huge stream of new recordings from live shows too, which has become a useful resource to put together a up to date snapshot of what’s going on in the DJ world. Social media DJ streams have really taken off into a whole new dimension over the last few years (especially through the COVID-19 pandemic) and some are getting viewing figures that are competing with the biggest radios in the world. Our specialist team are always hunting far and wide to ensure that we’re reaching the promo inboxes of those that are taking advantage of the recent technology breakthroughs that have made DJ streams a much easier endeavour. When you add all of these and our other online-based research and market research, you can only imagine just how deep the rabbit hole goes here. This domain makes up a big percentage of the contacts that we nurture and as such, when you work with Reaktion (like Label C does) – you’re able to get your new releases and signings in front of thousands of DJs that are able to share your music with a truly global audience

Labels working with Reaktion are enjoying the benefits of a leading promotional platform which does indeed include plenty of attention from some of the best DJs in the business. We’re a multi-faceted service that delivers global results from DJs that you might never have thought about promoting to, but we’re also just as interested as you will be in getting those big name DJ supports too. Over the years we’ve had hundreds and thousands of key tastemakers come through and leave support notes and feedback to our clients. Below is a sample list of DJs that we’ve seen on the platform:

Above & Beyond
Andi Durrant
Annie Mac
Anthony Pappa
Bobby Burns
Cedric Gervais
Chris Lake
Claude VonStroke
Cristian Varela
Dennis Cruz
Don Diablo
Eddie Halliwell
Elio Riso
Erick Morillo
Far Too Loud
Fatboy Slim
Fedde Le Grand
Ferry Corsten
Ferry Tayle
Gareth Emery
George Acosta
Gregor Salto
Guiseppe Ottaviani
Hard Rock Sofa
Jamie Jones
Joseph Capriati
Judge Jules
Juicy M
Kissy Sell Out
Kyau & Albert
Maarten de Jong
Marco Carola
Markus Schulz
Mauro Picotto
Nicole Moudaber
Paco Osuna
Paul Oakenfold
Paul Van Dyk
Pete Tong
Richie Hawtin
Robert Babicz
Roland Clark
Ron Carrol
Shiba San
Sick Individuals
Steve Lawler
The Martinez Brothers
Tube & Berger
Ummet Ozcan

We’ve worked on releases on a whole lot of labels too. Here are just a few highlights:

“Key Previous Project Reaktions”

SVNF8 – The Hydra (mau5trap)
Key Reaktions: Oliver Heldens, Dubfire, Eddie Halliwell, Uberjakd, Filterheadz, Myon, Far Too Loud, Elio Riso, Nicole Moudaber, Drym, DJ EZ, Don Diablo, Judge Jules

Todd Terry & Roland Clark – Dance Floor (InHouse Records)
Key Reaktions: Cristian Varela, Dennis Cruz, B.Traits (BBC Radio 1), Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Tube & Berger, Crookers, Don Diablo.

Peter Luts – I Will Make It (Voyager Records)
Key Reaktions: Above & Beyond, The Martinez Brothers, Gareth Emery, Myon and Shane54, Jamie Jones, Don Diablo, Cedric Gervais

1WayTKT & Cossy feat. Mark Borino – Don’t Run From My Love (Armada Music)
Key Reaktions: tyDi, Judge Jules, Andi Durrant, EDX, Bobby Burns, Giuseppe Ottaviani

Karol XVII & MB Valence – 651 (Loco Records)
Key Reaktions: Fedde Le Grand, Claude VonStroke, Wehbba, Maarten De Jong, Chicane

Luke Chable Feat. The New Division – Opium (Mesmeric)
Key Reaktions: Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Dosem, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, Kyau & Albert

Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated (99 Souls Remix)
Key Reaktions: Markus Schulz, Annie Mac, Robert Babicz

As you can see we’re well versed in a variety of genres from all forms of House and Techno music, right through to more commercial branches of EDM including Trance and more. We’re dedicated to supplying a far-reaching service that can be transformative for labels of all shapes, sizes and sounds. You’d be in great company at Reaktion. Every promo receives both a live tracking link which can monitored 24/7 for new responses and we also create end of promotion PDF reports.

Don’t just trust us though, you can take a browse over a few of our many reviews from users of the platform right here:

Sean Finn
I love working with Reaktion they’ve got a good sorted DJ pool and target the right DJs for a fair price. I will do all my promotions in the future with you guys!”

David Conway – Working Group Management (Cheat Codes)
The team at Reaktion have always been an absolute pleasure. They always treat my client’s releases with the utmost care and we’ve seen terrific results from them on all of our campaigns. Reaktion runs well thought out, organized campaigns with a huge reach to help get our music out there. In an extremely competitive industry, it’s always comforting to know we have talented people getting our records heard. I look forward to a long relationship with Reaktion for the entire Working Group Management roster

Jose Zaragoza
I can say that I really enjoy working with the team at Reaktion. They are very helpful, and they have great communication! I can’t thank them enough for helping our music reach artists and DJs around the world. Fantastic service!!!”

Inusa Dawuda
Thanks to Reaktion Team for the awesome service. An outstanding experience.

Curtis Wolfe
“I am very happy an impressed with the services you have, I can’t believe that I have 15 pages on one song! I’m definitely going to use you again!

John Amy
The guys at Reaktion were really helpful from the start and have had good communication throughout. The Reaktion promo provided an efficient way to get my music in front of Djs and taste-makers and I’m really happy with the final result. Will be using them again.”

Erick T. (+Más Label / UDTW – México)
It’s my first time working with a promo service like this. Reaktion is a great platform to share music with big and right names. It’s more efficient, better and easy with amazing results. An outstanding experience.

Ian Cahill
The service Reaktion provided was amazing. Thank you!

Dark Arps
Reaktion provided a solid and comprehensive promo service for my “Can’t Complain EP” release, exposing my music to a much wider audience than I would have been able to manage by myself, while at the same time keeping costs quite reasonable. A necessary tool in the over-saturated world of electronic music…. I’ll be using them again.

Sven Biereige (Kamarad Meyer Musik / Germany)
I see Reaktion as a great opportunity to present the music of the artists on my label not only in the UK but also to many radio stations and DJs in the clubs.

As a fairly young label, We at Priority One Digital or POD are always looking for the best ways to get our Artists work into the right hands of today’s best DJ’s. We were approached by Reaktion in a professional and positive manor and decided to try out one of there very reasonably priced promo packs with upcoming producer/song writer “Sheen” and our expectations were exceeded. Prompt reports with critique positive and constructive, very happy with all aspects of Reaktion and their communication with us at every turn. Highly recommend!!!

David Zimmerman
The Reaktion team is very professional and organized. The service they provide adds amazing value as your music will be heard by influential DJs and radio stations. I will continue to work with the Reaktion team for all of my future releases.

Ian Celpod01
Very impressed with the service! a lot more feedback than other services we’ve used. As a small underground label we are sometimes overlooked/dismissed on certain platforms but with Reaktion it seems much more of a level field.

Jaimy Jay
Thanks for all again. I’m very satisfied by the finals results.”

Tony (Chemiztri Recordings)
We have benefitted hugely from using Reaktion promo both at club and radio levels. All the right DJs are targeted.

For a sample report you can click here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this detailed insight into what Reaktion can do for record labels and we hope that you have been convinced by what you see. As previously mentioned our record label subscription is £199 per month and that gives you an ongoing account with Reaktion which gives you full DJ promo coverage for your label.


We hope that we’ll be hearing from you soon.

To talk about getting your label covered by this service contact today to discuss.