Getting The Best Out Of Your Reaktion Account

Thanks for subscribing to Reaktion and for trusting us with your DJ promotion. You’re joining an ever-growing group of some of the most exciting electronic music projects around and can look forward to enjoying a thorough and widespread distribution service for your new and upcoming releases. Below are a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best out of your experience with us.


Once you have signed up and have your subscription number, you can submit new promotions for us to service here:

Please fill in as much info as you have available for the release. Promotions with a press text and full details will perform better and generally return a higher number and better quality of feedback and reach. When selecting the genre tick-boxes, aim for 3 or 4 of the most relevant genres for the promo. You may wish to experiment over a few releases to find the right combination of genres for your promos to find your sweet spot. Remember that DJs on Reaktion are only sent promos that are genres that they have asked to receive, so having the right genres ticked will improve your experience.


When you subscribed you choose a package with a set number of available slots. If you have 1 promotion slot, you are able to replace the promotion once per month. If you have 2 or more, when you submit a new promotion that overfills your slots, the oldest promo will be replaced unless specified. We recommend an 8 week/2 month timeframe for a promotion to run a full course. You can leave a promotion running longer if you have nothing new to replace a slot with, but the promotion will generally slow down after 10 weeks or so.


1 promo slot with Reaktion is deemed as a packaged release of between 1 and 4 tracks. This can be a solo single, an EP with various versions (eg Radio Mix, Club Mix etc) or an EP of multiple tracks. This means that if you have a 4 track EP to promote, you only need to use 1 promotion slot.


When you submit a promotion to Reaktion, we aim to have all new submissions live within 48 working hours (Monday to Friday). Once live you will be sent a tracking link where you can log on and monitor progress of the promotion in real time, at any time. If and when you end of replace a promotion, if you wish to maintain a record of the promotion for future use, you can either copy and paste the page into Excel or a similar software or you can e-mail your Reaktion contact and request a PDF report which is available on request at the end of each promotion.


Your subscription will be billed via a Paypal subscription for the amount agreed every month from the date of activation. If for whatever reason a payment does not complete, the system will try to bill again in five days. If after a secondary attempt the bill is failed a second time, the subscription will be closed. From this date you have 48 hours to either reactivate the subscription or the account will be closed and any active promotions will be closed. Please ensure that you have exported any data if you plan to close the subscription as active promos from accounts that are closed are non-retrievable.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your account at any time, just e-mail your contact and they’ll be glad to assist. Thanks and we look forward to providing your projects with our service moving forward.