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We service to a targeted selection of tens of thousands of hand-picked DJs in electronic music all subscribed to receive our genre targeted promos including:

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs – International DJs/AAA – International Radio Playlist Programmers – Festival & Touring Club DJs – FM Radio DJs In Every Continent – Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/iTunes Shows – 1001Tracklist Shows – Popular Social Media Live Stream DJs – Record Label A&Rs – Influential Podcasts – Ibiza Residents – Tastemaker DJs – Internet Radios – Buzz Charts (Music Week Cool Cuts, DMC, Billboard) – Regularly Touring DJs & More

Step 1

Tastemaker DJ Promo Packages

Standard £100 & Pro £200

Both packages are distributed to tastemakers through the modern and powerful Promoly platform. We've tried them all and for large scale promotions that deliver results, there is no better home for our promos. A Standard Promo comes with one send out to the promo pool and a Pro package comes with a feedback reminder which doubles the number of mails sent to vastly improve your promo.

Ultimate £400

Our Ultimate tier promos are serviced through Inflyte, the world's #01 DJ Promo distribution platform. We have nothing but A-list DJs on our Inflyte list which means that your promo gets put to the kings of the scene. Once your A-list promo is done, you also then move into a full Promoly promotion giving you the best possible DJ promotion service on the market.

*Must pass QA processes. Inflyte promos work best starting at least 2 weeks before release date.

Step 2

Stop Here - Or Go Further With Our Add-Ons To Excel Your Release

Media Campaign Packages

Standard £150

A full professional promotion starts with the DJ Promo and then moves into phase two which is focus on generating buzz with the media and online platforms that command the attention of large audiences. Our second category of promotion covers your release beyond focusing on DJs and towards the likes of: Magazines - Bloggers - YouTube Channels - Soundcloud Networks & more. Reaktion will write and distribute a press release for you. Phase One in the Tastemaker DJ Promo department is all about getting DJs supporting your music, but once the radios and clubs are filled with the sound of your project, the next step is to start generating interest to add media credibility and build up a reputation and familiarity with the fans, the people that actually buy the music and attend the shows.

Pro £250

Ramp up your Media Campaign with an upgrade to the Pro Package. This upgraded package goes out to over double the amount of decision makers at media outlets and includes an extra batch of 75 higher ranking editors, journalists and more to give your campaign a noticeable media boost.

Ultimate £500

Important release that can't be left to chance or maybes? Our Ultimate Media Campaign takes advantage of agreements that we have with key dance music blogs which means that's you'll skip the line and get straight into being featured. If your release NEEDS serious coverage, then this is the magic sauce.

Step 3

VIral Campaign Packages

Instagram £150

Stories, tags, posts, dance videos - you name it, anything is possible with an Instagram Influencer Campaign. Get approvals from the right influencers and you could potentially see your song used in viral content that could reach miilions of fans from every corner of the planet.


TikTok £150

Did you know that more music gets played on TikTok than any other social media platform? We're able to pitch your release to content creators and if you hit the right note with the right influencers, the sky is the limit.

Spotify Playlist Placement Service (Free Addon)


Our Spotify promotions use a combination of pitching internal contacts developed over many years of work, partner service campaigns and your track added on Playlisters.Club which is a £150 per month subscription alone. This trio of forces totals to a formidable promotion for Reaktion promotions. If your order is £500 or more, please add SPOTIFYME into the discount code box and we’ll get the release a full Spotify promotion for at least a month or more if it holds momentum on the playlists. You will be provided with a full report.

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