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It’s been a long time coming, but after many suggestions from users of the Reaktion service, we have fully distanced from the VIP Ultima platform and now commit all future promotions to the excellent Promoly platform. It’s a pleasure to also say with conviction that the setup on their ecosphere is already boasting:

Higher deliverability rates than VIP Ultima

Higher calibre DJ responses

More options for DJs such as ZIP downloads and easy to use WAV integration

Reliable servers and uptime

Better insights for Promoly users to better segment and formulate promotions that are bespoke to the individual releases being promoted.

Smoother and better-looking promo e-mails in the DJ’s inboxes

Upcoming feature developments that will expand beyond DJ Promo into a more 360 promotional suite

VIP Ultima has for many years had a poor reputation with A-list DJs which has hampered promotions and we look forward to this being a thing of the past.

One of the key factors in our move to Promoly is their strict policy on e-mail deliverability, spam protection and safeguarding of all users to abide by an unbreakable code of conduct. Promoly expects you to maintain your email list to a high standard with a bounce rate > 3%. This means that all promos, including Reaktion will adhere to a high-quality control standard of only delivering promotions to active inboxes. This is something that is rare and vital in the domain of delivering music to DJs and is a fundamental reason for our decision to now host all Reaktion DJ Promotions to their suite.

Everyone at Reaktion is excited and full of confidence about the future of your promos with this modern and powerful engine powering our industry-leading campaigns. We’re stronger than ever and can now spread our wings into bigger and better things in the not-so-distant future, starting right now!

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