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Utilize Reaktion To Distribute Your New Releases To The World's Tastemaker DJs

For a limited time only, we are offering exclusive discounted access to our brand new Power Producer Package. This invitation only club has a limited capacity of active members at any one time to avoid saturation and to allow us to focus on each Producer and their needs. Once the threshold is reached, this offer will close.

For £99 per month you can have access to a Power Producer Reaktion Account which gives you ongoing access to our powerful V2 DJ promo platform. This £99 per month deal gives you an account with one promotion slot which you can replace month to month as you need to. This simple and powerful package is all a Producer needs to ensure that their releases don’t go under the radar. 

The days of relying on the label or manager to take care of everything are over and we all know this is true. If maybe you have not realised this yet and you’re bored of seeing your releases not get the attention that they deserve, this affordable subscription will transform your entire project and perspective of modern day music promotion.

Join The Club And Benefit From Global DJ Support On Your Music Projects

Reaktion is a highly effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions. 

With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success.

Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over 10 years to maximise impact and attention from the world’s most influential DJs. From the biggest festivals in the world, to club/bar residents, touring DJs and radio DJs around the world, our sole focus is getting your music played out to dance floors and crowds of all shapes and sizes both live and over the airwaves or online.

What Do We Do & How Do We Do It?

There’s a complicated setup behind the scenes here to make sure that our users get the very best experience out of Reaktion. To keep things simple though, let’s break down the Reaktion experience into easy to digest steps to explain what we do for our users.

We aim to keep the process as simple as possible for our users, so we take care of all of the heavy lifting and technical processes involved in navigating a promotion.

There’s no need to worry about bandwidth limits, contacts, admin, preparing marketing e-mails, formatting promos or anything else that can chain you down when trying to promote a record.

You just send us the assets and we’ll do it all for you.

Who Uses Reaktion For Their DJ Promos?

As you can see – we’re a popular choice for some of the leading artists and labels in the industry and are trusted to manage DJ Promo Campaigns by a deep pool of leading lights that feel the value in what we offer.

What Kind Of DJs Are Responding To Promos On Reaktion?

The above is just a sample of the thousands of DJs that can be reached on Reaktion. We also go above and beyond on a never-ending global hunt to meet and connect with tastemaker DJs on every level to constantly grow our pool to remain the number one service of our kind.

So What Do The Reports Look Like?

Our branded PDF reports give you a full list of every DJ and comment that has left feedback. Given that our system does not allow DJs to download the promo without leaving a comment, you can get a good idea of exactly who and how many DJs have grabbed your promo packages. 

You can also see a world map of which countries engagement has come from.

You can check out a sample report from a Reaktion promo right HERE.

All That Remains Are These Questions For You To Answer

  • Do you want to grow your project?
  • Do you want to get your new music into the record boxes of tastemaker DJs?
  • Do you want more DJ support?
  • Do you want to get heard by more potential new fans?
  • Do you want to take responsibility for your growth and stop relying on labels, managers and anyone else to do the work for you?
  • Do you want to get your releases on the radio?
  • Do you want to impress labels both now and for future releases?
  • Are you sick of releases going under the radar?
  • Do you want to see your releases on more tracklists?
  • Do you want extensive feedback on your promos?
  • Do you hate wasting hours and days running promo jobs?
  • Do you want to be represented by the largest tastemaker DJ promo service in the world?
  • Do you want the same promo treatment that the pros get?
  • Do you want a team of professionals taking care of your DJ promotions?
  • Are you ready to start a new journey of growth with us?


Is this all worth £99 a month to you? If the answer is yes, hit that button below, sign up and let’s start a working relationship together.

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Once you have subscribed and setup your profile, please e-mail info@reaktion.net to get your first promos up and running.

Thanks and welcome to the family.