Reaktion 2021

An Upgraded & Updated Reaktion For 2021

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Reaktion is a highly-effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions and radio plugging. With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success. Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over time to maximise impact.

We’ve made a series of upgrades to our platform and service for 2021 to ensure that all of our users get the very best possible service. These include:

A refresh of contacts to ensure our database is 2021 ready
– Over 5,000 new breakthrough DJs from the last 6 months of 2020 added
– Continued upgrades to the platform infrastructure for ease of use
– Implementation of industry-leading Spotify Playlist Pitching services. 
– Re-priced and re-imagined packages
– Expansion into Viral marketing
– Powered Soundcloud Marketing by non-public platforms
– Higher promo deliverability rate
– Improved web servers
– We listened to users who told us that too many promo emails were being sent, this has now been resolved to keep higher packages working at a superior level as they should rightly be

We offer a trident of services with various options which are explained below.

How To Pick A Package?

Start with one of the three Tastemaker DJ Promo options listed below as #01. If that is all you need, then you are ready to order and setup a promo. Should you wish to add a Media or Viral Campaign, then select an option from #02 and #03 to get your final package and price.

1000s of DJs Including The Below Get Their Promos From Reaktion

Reaktion Promos Have Been Monitored As Not Just Downloaded or Streamed - But Supported on Major Platforms.

Most DJ Promo services on the market provide a process to deliver promos to tastemaker DJs. What separates Reaktion from the competition is the global scanning that we do through the likes of WARM or 1001Tracklists to check that what we do actually works. Below is not just the usual ‘Downloaded for *******‘ or ‘Cool Track‘ – but a series of cold and hard spins that we have traced using industry leading scanning technology. By cross-referencing our promos with tracklists available online, we can see that our promos have really done their job. We don’t supply data on a per promo basis, but it is easy to monitor your releases through the likes of WARM and 1001Tracklists. Using a World Airplay Radio Monitor is recommended as although more and more recordings and shows appear online, the truth is that most DJ shows never make it onto the internet, which makes them hard to track without a dedicated monitor.

Below you can see a strong sample size of events, clubs, radio shows and stations that we have verified plays for releases that we’ve worked on. DJ feedback is always welcome, but with Reaktion as you can see below: there are clear supports on industry leading spots that garner millions of listeners every week. 

If you do not already do so, we highly recommend using one of the below to monitor your releases.

Using Tracklist Databases We Have Seen Releases That Reaktion Has Promoted Played At The Following


We service to a targeted selection of tens of thousands of hand-picked DJs in electronic music all subscribed to receive our genre targeted promos including:

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs
International DJs/AAA
International Radio Playlist Programmers
Festival & Touring Club DJs
FM Radio DJs In Every Continent
Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/iTunes Shows
1001Tracklist Shows
Popular Social Media Live Stream DJs
Record Label A&Rs
Influential Podcasts
Ibiza Residents
Tastemaker DJs
Internet Radios
Buzz Charts (Music Week Cool Cuts, DMC, Billboard)
Regularly Touring DJs
& More

We have three options available for Tastemaker DJ Campaigns as follows:

STANDARD DJ PROMO - £50 (Upload Only)

Your release will be added to the Reaktion DJ Promo platform on which it will be discovered by DJs that use the pool. Your release will sit alongside all of our ongoing promotions for the 4 weeks that we run a campaign.

Live Tracking: Yes

Final Report: No

Who Is This Option For?

Maybe it’s your first time using Reaktion and you want to check out what we have to offer here without committing a larger cost. The £50 Standard DJ Promo option is also a great tool for those with a smaller budget.


Because this package only includes upload to the pool, but no individual mailer send out – only the DJs that log on to Reaktion to check through all of their promos will see/hear the promo.


Take your promotion up to the next level by having a dedicated promo e-mail distributed to our tastemaker DJs focused solely on your release. Reach a much higher number of DJs and attract attention from the bigger names and harder to reach tastemaker DJs.

Promo Time: 4 Weeks

Promo Mails: 1 Original Send Out

Live Tracking: Yes

Final Report: Yes

Who Is This Option For?

If you want to make sure that your release is received by the full range of DJs available on Reaktion – this is the package for you.


The top tier Ultimate Reaktion DJ Promo includes further Feedback Reminder mails which maximises your potential reach and results.


Reach the maximum potential of Reaktion by receiving a campaign that not only adds you to the promo platform and distributes your own custom promo e-mail – but also includes bi-weekly feedback reminders over the duration of the campaign. This is the tried and tested most powerful way to service your music to tastemaker DJs using Reaktion.

Promo Time: 4 Weeks

Promo Mails: 1 Original Send plus 3 Feedback Reminders

Live Tracking: Yes

Final Report: Yes

Who Is This Option For?

Users who have an important release or want the best available service on Reaktion. The 3 weekly feedback reminders that follow the original distribution of the promo makes for a powerful addition that results in substantially higher engagement for every promo.

What is a Live Tracking Link?

Every DJ Promo on Reaktion comes with a URL where you can monitor a 24/7 live update of your promo. This means that you can check for new feedback and support as often as you like. There is no waiting around for reports to be sent with your Reaktion promotion as you can open up your progress report as often as you like.

Reaktion Have Serviced Promos On/For Many of The Industry's Leading Artists & Brands

Add-Ons "Need Something More Than Just DJ Promo?"


A full professional promotion starts with the DJ Promo and then moves into phase two which is focus on generating buzz with the media and online platforms that command the attention of large audiences.

Our second category of promotion covers your release beyond focusing on DJs and towards the likes of:

  • Magazines
  • Bloggers
  • Spotify Playlists
  • YouTube Channels
  • Soundcloud Networks

Phase One in the Tastemaker DJ Promo department is all about getting DJs supporting your music, but once the radios and clubs are filled with the sound of your project, the next step is to start generating interest to add media credibility and build up a reputation and familiarity with the fans, the people that actually buy the music and attend the shows.


The secret is out, Spotify is the king of streamers and is vital for international success. We have a network of thousands of Spotify playlist curators and they come to us for new music to keep their playlists fresh and up to date with the best new music around (hopefully yours). We have use of a highly reliable Spotify Playlist Pitching & Placing platform which has enabled us to run high quality Spotify promotion for artists and labels both big and small. We pay a premium for agency account access to Playlister.Club, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Spotify Playlist Pitching services. Rest assured you’re in the very best hands when it comes to packaging a Spotify promo with your Reaktion promo.


From DJ Mag and MixMag, to We Rave You, DJ Times and Music Week – we pitch your release to magazines to give your project the very best chance of earning coverage in some of the most prestigious media outlets in the dance music world. We have close contacts with contributors at key magazines and can pitch your releases to them for feature support or reviews.


Over the last decade, the humble blogger has transformed from an online catalogue of music through to one of the most powerful sectors in the music industry. Charting on the likes of Hype Machine (blog aggregation) can be the difference between a release lost at sea and an international success. We have over 1000 blogs on our database and can tailor a targeted campaign to pitch your releases for support on these vital outlets.

YouTube Channels

Reaktion keeps a constantly evolving network of YouTube channels on record and pitches new music in their direction for feature support. Just a couple of approvals on key international channels can result in huge positive impacts for your release and promotion. We pitch your release to decision makers at music-centric YouTube channels and arrange for your release to be shared with their fanbases to expand your reach.

We have three Media Add-On packages available for £100 (Standard) and £250 (Pro) and £500 (Ultimate) which increase in intensity and power as the price rises.


The latest addition to our bow of services comes in the shape of social media influence campaigns. We have built a service that enables us to supply influencers and brands on Instagram and TikTok with your music for use in their videos. Viral music marketing has become one of the most powerful modern methods of getting music exposed to huge audiences.

We have access to multiple non-public platforms that are used as resources where influencers come to find new music to use in their posts and stories for a multitude of uses.

We have two options available for Viral Campaigns priced at £100 (Standard) and £200 (Pro) respectively.


Once you have read the details of each package, you can construct your custom service to fit your need and budget. Each promo must at least have a Tastemaker DJ Promo package and the Media or Viral campaigns are optional add-ons.

Below is a condensed price list for easier reading:

Tastemaker DJ Promo

Standard: £50

Pro: £100

Ultimate: £200

Media Promo

Standard: £100

Pro: £250

Ultimate: £500

Viral Campaign

Standard: £100

Pro: £200

What They Say About Us

Simon Fraser – Play Records
“For indie record labels, Reaktion is as good a promo service as you will find in today’s market. They are keen targets with a long list of contacts. And the comprehensive feedback and data they provide once a campaign ends assures me that every stream they generated was from a legitimate listeners.”
Play Records Online
Sean Finn
I love working with Reaktion they’ve got a good sorted DJ pool and target the right DJs for a fair price. I will do all my promotions in the future with you guys!

David Conway – Working Group Management (Cheat Codes)
“The team at Reaktion have always been an absolute pleasure.  They always treat my client’s releases with the utmost care and we’ve seen terrific results from them on all of our campaigns. Reaktion runs well thought out, organized campaigns with a huge reach to help get our music out there.  In an extremely competitive industry, it’s always comforting to know we have talented people getting our records heard.  I look forward to a long relationship with Reaktion for the entire Working Group Management roster”

Cheat Codes Online:

Book A Service

You can order your promo today by navigating to the ‘Order Your Promo Now’ tab on our website menu or just click below:

If you’ve found something that you like the look of and want to discuss first, just e-mail and we can discuss your project together and work with you to decide on the best route forward. Let us know what packages interest you and we’ll find the perfect solution for your budget and priorities.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing more about your project.