Reaktion DJ Promo November Promos

Power Up Your Promos This Month With Three Powerful Deals From Reaktion DJ Promo

As we roll into the Autumn months, here at Reaktion we have been as busy as ever building our towers higher still and can report a brand-new import of over 5,000 new tastemaker DJs to expand on what is already the most comprehensive DJ promo service in town. With contacts coming in from every continent on the back of our Summer search for the latest and greatest DJs in the world that are worth getting your promos out to, we’ve once again bolstered our network and as ever when we do this – we see a peak in performance and engagement on reports.


This month we have three offers for three tiers of prices – something for everyone. If you have a new or upcoming release, we welcome you to take advantage of these offers and put your project on the centre stage with a powerful promotion. All three of these offers are available until the end of November when they will expire.

Join The Best In The Business & Treat Your Promo Seriously

NOVOFFER 01 - £75 - Standard DJ Promo (Down From £100)

Our most popular choice, the Standard Reaktion is perfect for most releases. Phased over 4 weeks broken into 2 week segments. If you’ve never used Reaktion before and don’t know which promo to go for – this would be a good start. If just getting your release heard by the wider DJ community is what you crave – this promo will be a massive boost.

We’re able to take on Standard promos to run for 4-week promos which includes:

– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– 2 stage promotion with 1 feedback reminders
– Dedicated VIP agent for day-to-day communications
– Average of 50-100 DJ Reaktions

If you want to dip your toes into the water with Reaktion, there’s no excuses now with this affordable £75 option for this month only.

NOVOFFER 02 - £199 - Double Trouble (Down From £400)

Power up the DJ promo and also upgrade to a Media Campaign to attract attention on your release from online magazines, blogs, music sites, social media groups and influencers, Soundcloud networks and more.

Our Media Campaign guarantees attention on you and your release on a spread of Dance music hotspots that have global followings and can be the difference between your release being heard by a global fanbase or your release missing the mark. Lean on our contacts in the media and enjoy support on your latest release from a widespread collection of decision makers that share music to subscribed followers.

As well as the Media attention, you’ll also enjoy an upgraded DJ promo on our Pro DJ Promo package. 

Those that require a DJ promotion that provides a punch directed harder at attracting bigger names will find the Pro Reaktion the best selection for their releases. With the extra 2 weeks allocated to a Pro service, we’re able to craft a slicker campaign that rolls through DJs over levels with the aim of attracting bigger names in higher volumes. Perfect for those that need to see both higher numbers of DJs on reports, but also a higher calibre. If you want to really try and catch the ear of the bigger name DJs – then this package gives you a real edge.

We’re able to take on Pro Reaktion promos to run for 6-week promos which includes:

– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– 3 stage promotion with 2 feedback reminders
– Dedicated VIP agent for day-to-day communications

This Double Trouble offer combines Media & DJ Promo to provide a powerful pair of promos for less than £200.

Catch The Ear Of The Best Tastemaker DJs In The Business

All of the below are DJs that we have seen grabbing promos on our platform. Just a handful of the thousands that pickup their promos on Reaktion.

NOVOFFER 03 - £499 - ULTIMATE (Down From £1,000)

We have never offered this top tier package at this price before today. We are cutting maximum power promo price in half.

We’re putting together a triple threat of Media Campaign, Spotify Promo & DJ Promo – all three promos on our Ultimate tier.

This all-in-one solution will get your release into a compilation of Media outlets to drive attention to your release. This package also includes a full power Spotify promo that will drive traffic to your release on the world’s most popular streaming platform through playlist placement promotion and other methods that will supercharge your Spotify presence. Lastly, you release will receive our Ultimate Reaktion DJ Promo Campaign – our most powerful tastemaker DJ promo package.

Our premium package, the Ultimate Reaktion ensures no stone is unturned when it comes to pushing new releases to the world’s top DJ tastemakers. This 8-week campaign will supercharge support and guarantee that a first class campaign is actioned to give a release the very best chance of success. If your next release needs to be treated with a full force promotion to the world’s influential DJs and there’s no room for any short falls – the Ultimate Reaktion promotion will deliver profile. Utilising our full resources for securing support, this promotion puts your release into the hands of a selectively targeted DJs over an 8-week window that’s broken into 4 stages.


– Full 8-week campaign
– 4 stage promotion
– Many feedback reminders
– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– Up to 30,000 DJs serviced
– The full power of Reaktion DJ Promotions
– More promo waves than any other package
– Dedicated VIP agent

So if you’re looking to ensure your new releases are being heard and supported by the best DJs in the business – Reaktion has you covered. Whether your release is unheard or already being internationally supported, everyone right up to the biggest labels in the business are enjoying the benefits of Reaktion promos and extra impact we bring to releases.

Contact today to book a campaign.