Reaktion – Giving Back

As the world is an unstable financial space with  a vast number of countries with varying economic circumstances. We want everyone to be able to experience Reaktion if it’s something they’re interested in and as such we want to work with talented Producer that are hovering around or under the poverty line.

There are thousands and thousands of young and dedicated Producers out there that are managing to make music that can stand up with the big labels. The massive ongoing technology book in music production tools has now made it possible for low income households to scrape together a rudimentary production setup.

Every month at Reaktion we give away a free Standard DJ Promo campaign worth £100. We developed this initiative in response to the regular conversations we have had with artists and startup labels that want to work with us but do not have the financial means to book paid promotions with us as they are living through a period of hardship.

If you are one of those people that is grappling with the financial demands of promotion – we want to help.

Every month we process submissions from this form and giveaway a free Standard DJ Promo to one winner per month selected at random on the 1st of every month.

This ongoing endeavour is meant to help those who need it, so please if you can afford a promotion, consider leaving this project to those that really need it.

The selected Producer or label will be kept discrete in terms of running the promo, so nobody other than us will know you’ve applied for this, as we do not want to publicise anybody’s financial hardship. Your promo will look and run exactly the same as our other clients, but you don’t have to pay.

Thanks and good luck!

    Each month the winner will be contacted on 1st of each month.