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Forget Single Source Spotify Promotion - We've Evolved

Our Spotify promotions use a combination of pitching internal contacts developed over many years of work, partner service campaigns on professional. This trio of forces totals to a formidable promotion for Reaktion promotions. We pay thousands of pounds per month in private industry-only subscriptions with our Spotify promo partners which means that you don’t have to.

Everything below and much more is covered in the video at the top of this page.

We have tried and tested over 50 top ranked platforms and services and come up with a compilation of options that work alongside ours to make a powerful Spotify promo system. Stack this with our in-house playlist pitching setup and you have a fully fledged Spotify promotional setup that uses the best platforms in the business, and then takes it further still to new heights.

Our Spotify promo works as follows:

To start a 4-week campaign there is a start-up cost of £250 per track. After the 4th week is complete, a weekly fee of £25 per week is applied for as long as you want to promote the release for. A good promo can continue to grow for 8+ weeks (sometimes many months) and still be getting new playlist placements, but you are free to cut the promotion off at 4 weeks should you wish to. We’ve worked on tracks that have continued to grow for months and go viral and also others that prefer to stop at 4 weeks. We are here to be flexible to your needs.

This means that if we and you can see the track is growing in a nice upwards trajectory, it makes a lot of sense to let it run longer, and it if tails off at any point, that is the logical time to stop. We set our Spotify Playlist Placement service up this way so that you only pay for as long as the promotion is growing. Reaktion pledges to cut any form of payment for service at the point that a job appears done.

The graph below shows a sample campaign timeline of a Reaktion Spotify Playlist Placement service. With over 130 playlist additions with a combined reach of over 6 million, this up and coming label and production duo felt the power of Reaktion.

General Tips

If after a month/4 weeks (the length of the base promotion), the track/s are still receiving new and regular placements, it makes sense to leave them running if the budget allows for this.

If the promotion seems to have plateaued after the 4 weeks, it makes sense to stop promoting and finalise the job.

We don’t/can’t accept any and every track for this service. Any order of Spotify Playlist Placement Services at Reaktion must be approved first.

You can submit your track/s for approval by sending to and we’ll get back ASAP to let you know if we can see the release working on our setup. As ever with Reaktion, you will be sent PDF reports which are verifiable to show exactly where we are getting you traction.

You can also see a sample report of a recent campaign here to measure our results against other options you may have seen. 

Note that we accept all genres, but there are different levels of expectation depending on the genre, which we can discuss with you.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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