Reaktion Subscription Deal (March Madness)

50% Off First Month Subscriptions This Month Only

Reaktion’s Subscription for artists, record labels and management groups is one of the electronic music industry’s most popular promotion solutions for professionals that require effective and global tastemaker DJ promotion.

Rather than working on single releases we offer a subscription which enables you up to 4 promo slots on Reaktion at any one time. For regularly releasing artists and labels this is a powerful solution to DJ promotion. With this deal you don’t have to pick which release you work on as we can cover all of them.

Our Reaktion subscription is priced atper month. For that price you’d be given full access to use Reaktion promotions on any releases of yours without limitation. That means that rather than just hiring us for one release, we can work on any music you have that needs promoting. 


Sign up to Reaktion this month and get 50% off your first month of coverage. That’s just £50 for your intro month to get a taste of what Reaktion can do for you. With no long term commitment you’re free to cancel your plan after the first month, not that we see this very often when Reaktion subscribers begin to rack up lengthy promo reports!

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Each Reaktion Subscriber will be given:

4 Promo Slots

Each slot = 1 promotion. Each promotion can hold up to 4 tracks so a 4 track EP would = 1 slot. You can add and remove new promos as you wish meaning that you have instant access to powerful Reaktion promotions whenever you require it. Each promotion left running for 8 weeks delivers equal results to our Ultimate Reaktion packages which come in at £299 each individually.

As long as the subscription is live, we’ll keep promoting your release/s. If and when the subscription fails or is cancelled, we send an e-mail to confirm the end of the promotions 48 hours after cancelation when the promos will be taken offline.
Reaktion Sub promos can be used on:
– Upcoming or recently released tracks
– Unreleased or unsigned demos/promos
– Remixes and bootlegs
– Old releases that deserve a second promo run
– Releases of your personal network and friends
So Reaktion Subscribers report a variety of benefits:
Instant Access To Promo Facilities
With a sub active you never need to source and arrange DJ promo again. Simply whenever you have a new project ready to be promoted, you can submit to Reaktion and we’ll have the promotion live the next day. This quick access to promo tools means that you can get straight to promotion without delay on every release that you work on.
Greater A-list DJ Support
Reaktion’s network is vast and includes a long list of a-list DJs in the electronic music industry. Our subscribers have picked up DJ support on everything from BBC Radios through to MainStage support at festivals as big as Glastonbury and Ultra. We process DJs playing in every country in the world and keep tight and up to date records meaning that we ensure that if a DJ has a big audience, we are trying to get music into their inboxes for our customers.
Global DJ Support
RKT: Back when we first started Reaktion, we did what a lot of artist and labels do and try to just build relationships with the top 200 DJs in the world. Whilst this went pretty well, we quickly realised that there’s more to this game that just banking on the DJ Mag Top 100 to support our promos. We started to build a concept that power in numbers was equally if not more effective. We started thinking about who we would want to play our own releases and this is where the floodgates really opened up. We asked ourselves, if a DJ that has a weekly radio show that averages 1000 listeners per show wanted to play our release, would be consider that a positive thing? An audience of a 1000 people isn’t all that big really, but we started to think about the bigger picture. How many DJs are there in the world with shows of this size? Where are they getting their music from? Who’s sending them promos? The more we thought about this, the more we began to realise what Reaktion was actually supposed to be. We come up with a concept that a DJ with 1000 weekly listeners was easy to find. So easy in-fact that we found about 10,000 of them over a 3 year search. 10,000 DJs with 1000 listeners a week each equals a weekly reach of 10,000,000 people. That’s more than any DJ in the world, by far. With this information we revamped the whole system and went down the route of strength in numbers and sure enough we noticed that our customers were getting a massive increase in plays, support, profile and feedback. We come to the conclusion that what we and so many others had been doing wrong was trying to jump from stage A to Z without working through B, C, D and everywhere else in-between. This concept was and is still to this day the heartbeat of Reaktion and is what makes us different.
Live Tracking
Reaktion users can check in on their promo 247 with instant access to comments meaning that you can keep up to date, day or night about every promotion running with us.

Soundcloud Promotion

We now also include an inclusive Soundcloud promotion to every release our subscribers launch. We have a tried and tested network that will repost Soundcloud uploads to massive audiences helping to supercharge your Soundcloud uploads to a global network.

Better Chance of Beatport Features
Reaktion users are regularly sending their Reaktion reports to Beatport to prove they are working hard on releases to improve their chance of feature support on the store. These features massively boost sales and chart success and with numerous reports stating that Reaktion had helped to book features, we are confident that Beatport takes notice of what we do and is more likely to consider a release with Reaktion promo running on it.
Social Stats & Insights
Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify – the work that we do can help to improve stats on all of these platforms. When you open a release up to a large audience via the Reaktion system, you will be directing a large amount of traffic through both DJs directly and their followings. Users report growth in all of these areas.
As you can see, there’s a whole lot of things that are boosted from working with Reaktion. With our monthly sub at £75 per month, we feel this is very strong value.

ULTIMATE REAKTION Promo On Every release

Our premium package, the Ultimate Reaktion ensures no stone is unturned when it comes to pushing new releases to the world’s top DJ tastemakers. This 8-week campaign will supercharge support and guarantee that a first class campaign is actioned to give a release the very best chance of success. If your next release needs to be treated with a full force promotion to the world’s influential DJs and there’s no room for any short falls – the Ultimate Reaktion promotion will deliver profile. Utilising our full resources for securing support this promotion puts your release into the hands of a selectively targeted DJs over an 8-week window that’s broken into 4 stages.
– Full 8-week campaign 
– 4 stage promotion 
– Many feedback reminders
– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live 
– Up to 30,000 DJs serviced 
– End of campaign PDF report 
– Promo to reserved VIP only A-list DJ contacts
– The full power of Reaktion DJ Promotions
– More promo waves than any other package 
– Dedicated VIP agent 
– Complimentary Soundcloud promotion package 
– Minimum of 100 DJ reaktions guarenteed
Please check out this promo report as an example of what a successful Reaktion DJ Promo looks like:
We can service to a targeted selection of up to 38,000 hand-picked DJs in electronic music all subscribed to receive our genre targeted promos including:
DJ Mag or Resident Advisor Top 100s
International DJs/AAA
International Radios
Festival & Touring Club DJs
FM Radio DJs In Every Continent
Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/iTunes Shows
Influential Podcasts
Ibiza Residents
Tastemaker DJs
Internet Radios
Tastemaker Radios
Music Week Cool Cuts, DMC, Billboard, BuzzCharts, Regularly touring DJs
& More
We appreciate the promotion market is a crowded one but I’m sure you’ll agree from the above linked report – what Reaktion is doing stands out from the crowd.
As you can see it’s not unusual to see our promos rack up HUNDREDS of big name DJ supports and our work is resulting in extensive widespread DJ support from a huge number of high level DJs. 
Users of Reaktion DJ Promos are reporting:
– Number of tastemaker DJs supporting releases
– Better sales figures
– Higher chart positions
– Beatport release features
– Widespread PR benefits
– Social media growth
– Royalties earned from global radio supports
– Huge upturns in support listings on 1001Tracklists
– Better and more traffic/plays through Soundcloud/Spotify
– Interest from higher quality record labels
It’s no secret that fans and music buyers find their new music via their favourite DJs and Reaktion is dedicated to servicing the best new electronic music in the world to those names that are capable of turning a good release into a successful one. What we are doing is resulting in massive exposure of the releases we’ve been working on. It’s no secret that the biggest names rely on promos to fill their DJ shows and we’re one of the most reliable in the business.


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