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Updated Reaktions For 2023

Reaktion is a highly-effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions and radio plugging. 

With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. 

If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success. 

Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over time to maximise impact.

We service to a targeted selection of tens of thousands of hand-picked DJs in Electronic Music all subscribed to receive our genre targeted promos including:

International AAA DJs
DJ Mag Top 100 DJs
Festival & Touring Club DJs
Boiler Room DJs
FM Radio DJs In Every Continent
ADE Annual Placements
Key DI.FM/Mixcloud/Apple Music Shows/Spotify
1001Tracklist Verified DJs
Syndicated Radio Shows
Popular Social Media Live Stream DJs
Record Label A&Rs
Ibiza Residents
Berlin Residents
Tastemaker DJs
Internet Radios/Curators
Buzz Charts
Regularly Touring DJs
& More

We’ve made a series of upgrades to our platform and service for 2023 to ensure that all of our users get the very best possible service.

These include:

– A refresh of contacts to ensure our database is 2023 ready
– Hundreds of new breakthrough DJs from the last 6 months added
– Continued upgrades to the platform infrastructure for ease of use
– Implementation of industry-leading Spotify Playlist Pitching services. 
– Re-priced and re-imagined packages
– Higher promo deliverability rates
– Improved web servers

Single Release DJ Promos




Our entry level campaign, the Standard Reaktion is perfect for most releases covering any Electronic Music sub-genre.

If you’ve never used Reaktion before and don’t know which promo to go for – this could be a good start. If getting your release heard by the wider DJ community is what you crave – this promo will be a massive boost.

We’re able to take on Standard promos to run for 4-week promos which includes:

– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– Dedicated Promotions Agent for day-to-day communications
– Average of 100 DJ Reaktions





Our upgraded level campaign, the Pro Reaktion opens up the promotion to the harder to contact DJs that we reserve for this package and above. If you’re trying to get the attention of bigger name tastemakers in the scene, this Pro setup has the ability to get your release heard by the biggest DJs in the world. 

We’re able to take on Pro promos to run for 6-week promos which includes:

– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– A mid-promo
Feedback Reminder to double send rates
– Added contacts reserved for Pro and above promotions
– Dedicated Promotions Agent for day-to-day communications
– Average of 200 DJ Reaktions




Enquire to for more info. Ultimate Reaktions require a 4 week pre-release notice period and undergo stricter QA.



If you’re looking to ensure your new releases are being heard and supported by the best DJs in the business – Reaktion has you covered. Whether your release is unheard or already being internationally supported, everyone right up to the biggest labels in the business are enjoying the benefits of Reaktion promos and extra impact we bring to releases. 

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More Details:

1000s of DJs Including The Below Get Their Promos From Reaktion

Reaktion Promos Have Been Monitored As Not Just Downloaded or Streamed - But Supported on Major Platforms.

Most DJ Promo services on the market provide a process to deliver promos to tastemaker DJs. What separates Reaktion from the competition is the global scanning that we do through the likes of WARM or 1001Tracklists to check that what we do actually works. Below is not just the usual ‘Downloaded for *******‘ or ‘Cool Track‘ – but a series of cold and hard spins that we have traced using industry leading scanning technology. By cross-referencing our promos with tracklists available online, we can see that our promos have really done their job. We don’t supply data on a per promo basis, but it is easy to monitor your releases through the likes of WARM and 1001Tracklists. Using a World Airplay Radio Monitor is recommended as although more and more recordings and shows appear online, the truth is that most DJ shows never make it onto the internet, which makes them hard to track without a dedicated monitor.

Below you can see a strong sample size of events, clubs, radio shows and stations that we have verified plays for releases that we’ve worked on. DJ feedback is always welcome, but with Reaktion as you can see below: there are clear supports on industry leading spots that garner millions of listeners every week. 

If you do not already do so, we highly recommend using one of the below to monitor your releases.

Using Track List Databases We Have Seen Releases That Reaktion Has Promoted Played At The Following

Reaktion Have Serviced Promos On/For Many of The Industry's Leading Artists & Brands

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Thanks and we look forward to hearing more about your project.