Soundcloud Outreach Services

Reaktion’s SOS (Soundcloud Outreach Services) are a powerful and organic way to generate organic growth and supercharge your fan-reach on the popular streaming platform. We have access to an industry-leading platform that can deliver powerful, transparent and measurable viral campaigns for quality music. The platform ditches dubious promo methods that are often associated with promotion on the Soundcloud platform and re-ignites the potential for high-end marketing on one of the busiest music streaming platforms in the world.


We have two packages for SOS, structurally the same and only differing in total reach. We define ‘reach’ as the total number of followers a supporting account has minus any detected fake or bot followers that our platform picks up automatically. That means that a promotion will roll out until your track has been shared via real profiles with a combined following of either 200k or 400k depending on your selection.

*Please don’t place an order without approval. All promos require clearance.

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Are all plays generated real?

100%! If you’ve ever ordered fake plays before, you’ll know all to well what they look like. Random profiles from allover the world, accounts with no followers, no profile photos, no bios, no music, no life, just empty shells that listen to, like, repost and comment on thousands of releases. They are incredibly easy to spot. Just hours after launching an SOS, you’ll start to see a steady stream of real human traffic coming your way. It’s so easy to spot and you’ll have peace of mind right away that what we offer is sincere. You’ll quickly regret ever touching fake plays/fans when you see our results if you’ve been down that road before.

What does 200k/400k reach mean?

“Reach” is the combined total number of followers of all accounts that have shared the track. A 200k package would have a maximum potential reach of 200,000 people and 400k would be 400,000 people.

Do you target relevant fans?

We don’t just target anyone for any release. Upon ordering you will be asked to declare any number of genres that are relevant to your promotion. This means that you will only receive attention from listeners that are actively interested in the genre you’re working with. This extra level of targeting ensures that you get the absolute best our of your promotion through your combined reach.

How long does a promotion take to run?

Generally a promotion will be completed within 10-14 days. These are occasionally over-run in cases such as obscure genres. The quality of the song also plays a significant part in how quickly we can achieve the target reach as more popular songs will rack up supporters faster. We will however not cease a promotion that is below the target, so even if it takes a week or two longer than expected, we won’t leave your track short of the intended goals.

What happens if my track doesn’t hit the target reach?

Because of the nature of this organic form of promotion, we can’t guarantee the target will be reached, but if we don’t hit the goal after 30 days of launching, we’ll grant a full refund, no questions asked. We only accept submissions that we deem are good enough to meet our goals and we’ve never failed this method before.

Why are SOS campaigns priced above the competition rate for buying plays/reposts/followers?

This question makes our blood boil but we have been asked more than once. The reason why our pricing is as listed is that we don’t offer plays, reposts or followers – these are the workings of bot services that generate entirely fake traffic and communication. Our system involves us having to financially incentive users to interact with your track. More than 50% of the fees that we charge go straight back into the operational costs of making an organic promotion like this happen. If you want a bunch of random numbers generated by bots, then SOS is not for you. If you want real traction and the chance to build long lasting real fans for years to come, then you came to the right place.

What genres do you specialise with?

Alternative Rock, Ambient, Classical, Country, Dance & EDM, Dancehall, Deep House, Disco, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electronic, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Hip Hop/Rap, House, Indie, Jazz/Blues, Latin, Metal, Piano, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, Techno, Trance, Trap and Triphop are all targetable genres. If your track can tick at least 2-3 of these – we can confidently meet your needs.

What kind of report do I get?

Once we’ve hit the target, we’ll export our results into a full PDF report where you’ll have full access to every profile that supported your track along with their reach which is added up and calculated to show the final total reach has been met.

Sold? OK – first step is to mail to discuss your needs and we can compile a suitable package to get the very best for you and your track.