Standard Reaktion

Standard Reaktion


Our most popular choice, the Standard Reaktion is perfect for most releases. Phased over 4 weeks broken into 2 week segments. If you’ve never used Reaktion before and don’t know which promo to go for – this would be a good start. If just getting your release heard by the wider DJ community is what you crave – this promo will be a massive boost.

We’re able to take on Standard promos to run for 4-week promos which includes:

– Promo tracking link to monitor feedback live
– 2 stage promotion with 1 feedback reminders
– Dedicated VIP agent for day-to-day communications
– Average of 50-100 DJ Reaktions

So if you’re looking to ensure your new releases are being heard and supported by the best DJs in the business – Reaktion has you covered. Whether your release is unheard or already being internationally supported, everyone right up to the biggest labels in the business are enjoying the benefits of Reaktion promos and extra impact we bring to releases. We offer 100% refund guarantee if you don’t get what you pay for and are an offshoot of one of the biggest PR firms in dance music, so you know you’re in good hands with Reaktion.

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