In response to high demand for a payment plan subscription for users to get the most out of using Reaktion, we listened, and launched our membership plan. Having a subscription account with Reaktion ensures that you are in full control of your promotions whether that’s short, or long term. Priced at £25 per week, this model gives you full access to Reaktion Promotions for any and all of your releases. If you do not wish to commit to for example a £199 single promotion, this subscription model allows you to assess and monitor progress on a week by week basis, giving you full control of the length and cost of your promotion. For labels or artists with more than one releases per month, this option is a perfect tool to ensure that you always have access to professional promotions when you need it.


Scenario 1

You are unsure of which package to choose for your promotion. By subscribing to this package, you can decide the length and cost of your promotion as it happens week by week. If just 2 weeks are required, you only pay £50. If 4 weeks are required – that is £100. This model gives you full control over your spending and promotions like nothing before it.

Scenario 2

You are a record label with multiple releases in promotion at any one time. As a subscriber, Reaktion will always have your label covered and can launch promotions for you in less than 24 hours. For just £25 per week, you’ll never have to worry about your label’s promo again.

Recommended For

Record Labels

Those who are unsure which package is best for their release

Those with regular releases

Those who want the quickest turnaround to launch promos at any time


For just £25 per week, you’ll never have to pre-plan a promotion again. Once registered just submit your release details to us and we will have your promotion live the very next day. Whether you’re signed, unsigned, a label, manager or promoter – having our power at your fingertips ensures you’ll always be ready to fire on hard-hitting global promotions.

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