Tech House Specialisation At Reaktion

Reaktion DJ Promotions started life as a Tech-House led platform many years ago, and since has grown into the largest tool of its kind in the Electronic Music industry. Over 5+ years we’ve built infrastructure that has enabled us to work alongside prominent and up-and-coming Producers and Record Labels to ensure that they get the DJ support on their releases that is required for a successful release promotion agenda.

We’ve worked with just about every platform to try and test the functionality and user interfaces to find the perfect solution for our clients and us alike.

Whilst we still work with other platforms, it’s become apparent to us over recent years that 1 platform has taken control of the market and especially in the realms of Tech House. That’s why we’ve spent the last 12 months building and preparing a new Reaktion setup on the brilliant Inflyte system.


Our Tech-House Specialisation promotion is a £300 campaign, but for the launch period we are offering the job for £250 to early adopters. We believe this is a great deal for what Reaktion feels is the best campaign of its kind on the domain.

Why Inflyte?* taken from their website


From the major labels to over 8,000 independent record labels and hundreds of international PR agencies, Inflyte is an award-winning company trusted to securely deliver content for the most important brands in the music industry.


Since 2014, Inflyte has become the go-to promo platform for over 80,000 of the most authoritative tastemakers in music from the BBC to Billboard magazine, Mixmag to DJ Mag and Rolling Stone to Pitchfork in over 180 countries worldwide.


Inflyte provides secure promo delivery for nearly 50% of the biggest-selling labels on Beatport, many of whom also feature heavily among Resident Advisor’s Top 100 most-charted labels. We also help deliver global commercial mega-hits that frequently top the mainstream charts.


Whether delivering an obscure slice of underground electronica to a handful of journalists or an international chart-topping hit to thousands, our secure scalable global content delivery network ensures your content gets into the right hands as easily as possible with zero downtime.


Inflyte is no ordinary promo-tool: It’s a unique multi-channel delivery platform that has pioneered new innovations in promo delivery since 2014 and provides an unrivaled user experience in the market today. We continue to invest massive resources into our technology infrastructure to meet the ongoing demands of our clients and users.


Whether you are a small independent label or a multi-national agency, our dedicated team will work closely with you to evaluate your needs. We can advise on best practices to optimise your Inflyte account to deliver maximum results and build better promo solutions. Our ears are always open.


Our new system goes above & beyond traditional promotional methods like simply sending a promotion to a promo@ inbox and uses Inflyte’s proprietary system that requires DJs to approve senders before any promotions can be distributed. This results in cleaner sending, to inboxes that are often not public and substantially less busy with incoming promotions. Combined, this vastly increases the chances of A-list DJ support on your releases using this new setup.

At Reaktion, we’ve built, tried and tested a new promotional strategy that takes a new approach to promotion.

Our new timeline for Tech-House Specialisation promos runs as follows:

4 Weeks Pre-Release

Launch Inflyte Promo To A-list Online

From 3 Weeks Pre-Release To Release Date

Tiered delivery to our Inflyte system to include more influential DJs with powerful reaches

A-list DJ Tour & Radio Support

As we’re only covering high-level DJs at this stage, all support will be of high value and impact.

Drive Shazam & Spotify Pre-Saves

Working pre-release with a focus on A-list DJ results in a much higher success rate with Shazam hits and Spotify Pre-Saves. Combined these make up a large percentage of what the likes of Beatport look for when considering a release for featured status, which massively boosts reach and sales.

Release Date = Hit The Brakes

We now halt promotion for a week or two depending on the release to allow DJs who make up a large percentage of digital music sales to buy the release. Previously we’d have already sent promotions to these DJs, but we’ve learned that these are key targets for sales. Stopping the filtering down to residents and smaller level DJs makes perfect sense here as we give the record a chance to chart before we commence. This is working very well for us.

Distribute Globally On The Classic Reaktion System

1 to 2 weeks after release date we now move to the more familiar classic Reaktion promo system. This is the biggest DJ pool in Electronic Music and is updated quarterly to include new up-and-coming DJs that have a reach worth grasping. If you’ve ever run a Reaktion DJ Promo before, this is nearly the same thing at this point, although now on the awesome Promoly platform which ensures us much higher deliverability rates over the old fashioned VIP Ultima system we used to operate on, which unfortunately resulted in a lot of promos ending up in junk mailboxes. We observed, learned and adapted to vastly improve this segment of the promotion and you can expect hundreds of DJs to engage your promo at this point. The secret to success at this stage is that once the sales window passes, it makes perfect sense to drum up as much DJ support as possible for releases if it’s clear that the DJ did not and would not have paid for the release. It’s all progress.

Our A-list Inflyte DJs are covered in the video at the top of this page, but the big-name support does not stop there. We still have a huge number of big-name DJs using the classic Reaktion system and some of those not covered in the video include:

As previously mentioned, the post-release part of the promotion is seriously powerful and overlooked by many Labels and Producers. You can check out a sample report here of a Post Release Campaign that comes as Stage 2 of this package here.

We’ve handled DJ promotions for releases on labels including:

Beatfreak Recordings


Borish Brejcha’s FCKNG Serious

George Acosta’s So Good

Todd Terry’s InHouse Records

SVNF8’s Tech-House Releases on Mau5trap (via Artist)

Nervous NYC

Sosumi Records

& Many More

We also cover a wide range of up-and-coming Tech-House Producer and Record Labels alike.

For more details contact All promos must be pre-approved and cleared by Quality Assurance to keep Reaktion’s levels of music at the highest levels.

Thanks for checking out this page and we hope to hear your new music soon. You can also contact us below and we’ll check out your project and be in touch in no time.