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Reaktion Summer Boom

Reaktion is a highly effective and powerful promotional service for Producers, Record Labels and music industry professionals who know and understand the value in tastemaker promotions and radio plugging.

With over a decade of music industry experience in-house, you can be at ease that your music is as important to us as it is to you. When it comes to new music, it’s vital that the correct people are aware that your release is coming. If you’re letting your music go under the radar – Reaktion can help to ensure that you are given the very best chance of success. Our targeted tastemaker promotions have been designed and tweaked over time to maximise impact and attention from the world’s most influential DJs.

We’re hyped up about the fading out of the COVID pandemic and everything opening up again which is resulting in a BOOM in activity here at Reaktion, so it’s only right that we mark the occasion with some epic packages.

Below are our current options and deals that are running this month.


Pro DJ Promo £100 1
Ultimate DJ Promo £200 2

“Our core service, we service your release to our direct contacts with tastemaker DJs to build a powerful DJ promo campaign. What makes us different? We don’t just have the promo@DJ***.com inbox on tastemakers’ social media pages – we have direct contacts that are personal and far less saturated. Top DJs inboxes are hammered with hundreds of e-mails a day, but we’re not usually sending to those inboxes. We have personal contacts that make sure that promos get heard. You do not need any contacts to use Reaktion – we have you covered completely.”

The Pro DJ setup gets you a full send out on our industry-leading partner platform Promoly, where all of the hosting is handled. The Ultimate upgrade adds a second feedback reminder mailer which doubles the number of mails sent for your campaign.

‘”We also offer the following top up services that are available when ordered with a DJ Promo package.”


Standard Media £100 1
Pro Media £250 2
Ultimate Media £500 4

“Magazines, websites, blogs and social media pages and groups – Reaktion can push your release to the media outlets that can help to get your release directly in front of your audience. We have three packages available that rise in intensity, giving you a package for any budget.”

Phase One in the Tastemaker DJ Promo department is all about getting DJs supporting your music, but once the radios and clubs are filled with the sound of your project, the next step is to start generating interest to add media credibility and build up a reputation and familiarity with the fans, the people that purchase the music and attend the shows.

A full professional promotion starts with the DJ Promo and then moves into phase two which is focus on generating buzz with the media and online platforms that command the attention of large audiences. Our second category of promotion covers your release beyond focusing on DJs and towards the likes of Dance Music focussed Magazines, Blogs, YouTube Channels, Soundcloud Networks and more. Our clients have enjoyed press coverage ranging from reviews, editorials, interviews and plenty more, all contributing to a fruitful campaign for releases.


Media Shots: Each media shot is a batch of the above mentioned Media outlets. Depending on which package you fall on, the number of media shots is decided. These shots are spread out across a campaign which gives the higher packages a better shot at maintaining hype around a release for a longer period of time.



Standard Influencer £100 1
Pro Influencer £200 2

“Love it or hate it, social media influencers have become a hugely powerful way to get music in front of prospective new fans. With Instagram and TikTok reaches for popular influencers reaching numbers that cannot be ignored, we have teamed up with a platform that runs alongside our in-house system to get your release used in videos and content on social media via influencers that can potentially reach millions.”

The latest addition to our bow of services comes in the shape of social media influence campaigns. We have built a service that enables us to supply influencers and brands on Instagram and TikTok with your music for use in their videos. Viral music marketing has become one of the most powerful modern methods of getting music exposed to huge audiences.

We have access to multiple non-public platforms that are used as resources where influencers come to find new music to use in their posts and stories for a multitude of uses.

Our most recent addition to this stack of influencers is Twitch streamers. Broadcasters on the platform are often playing music along with their streams and we have formulated a path to get our promos onto the playlists of those streaming. Considering that some of these streamers can have tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of viewers, this is a domain of music promotion that has gone mostly missed by promoters – until now.

Viral Shots: Much like the Media Campaigns above, a base promo comes with a full round of mailers out to our influencers and the upgraded version of the promo comes with a second shot to a larger group of contacts.


Free Spotify Playlist Placement Promo with every order of £500+:

Our Spotify promotions use a combination of pitching internal contacts developed over many years of work, partner service campaigns and your track added on the hugely powerful Spotify placement platform Playlisters.Club which is a £150 per month subscription alone. This trio of forces totals to a formidable promotion for Reaktion promotions. 

If your order does hit £500 or more, please add SPOTIFYME into the discount code box and we’ll get the release a full Spotify promotion for at least a month or more if it holds momentum on the playlists.

For this deal I would recommend a combination of the Ultimate DJ Promo, Pro Media & Standard Influencer – that would be a perfect promotion package with all bases covered. 

Combined the prices are:

Ultimate DJ Promo: £200

Pro Media: £250

Standard Influencer:£100

That’s a total of £550 for the full promotion. 

We’re also happy to offer a £50 discount too on this package, bringing the price down to an even £500 and that’d make sure you also get your Spotify promo too. That would be a very solid promo, with a discount and of course the Spotify promo added. 

If £500 is above your budget, no worries! Any of our promotions are more than worth their weight in gold and I am sure that we can accommodate you.

If you let us know which package/s look right for you, we can work out a setup that is perfect for your needs. If you need any suggestions, let us know what your priorities are we can help you find the right path ahead with us.

If you’re a reader and prefer to read the full details, we have a more comprehensive page that details our services along with a bunch of references here:

If you’re happy with the above, you can go ahead and setup the order right here easily:

Thanks and we hope that Reaktion is right for you.